random robin

i execute faithfully… no wait… i faithfully execute…

 I have this gnawing feeling that every step of the next eight years (that’s right I said it) we will be inundated by the nitpicking of all those who are less than supportive of the current administration. “Did he really have them say Barack “H” Obama?” “Was it just me or did he not seem afectionate to his wife and kids?” “Did he snub George Sr?” “How much did he pay for that tux?”

Come on people let’s focus.

Speaking of focus, I’m trying to write a rather lengthy series entitled “What We Really Believe” which is an exercise in critical thinking really, for me. The format is roughly this: what I was taught to believe, what I wanted to believe, and what I ended up believing as of now. It’s been good to work through and I’ll eventually get around to posting it. Right now, it’s so frazzled I can hardly follow myself at times.

In other news, the last of my job leads for this week have burnt out. I am back to square one yet again. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. I have no sense of self-worth, but really clean hair.


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