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I start off this post by stating that I am not an economist. I know! Shocking for many of you!!! I don’t really understand all the workings of the markets and the industries that make or break a country’s financial strength. what i do understand is the current lack of jobs and the past 10 years of increasing alarm in my little head when it came to my ever narrowing career options. i’ve been in the workforce for almost 20 years now, (now THATS shocking if only to me) jumping around here and there and trying out all kinds of fun and not so fun jobs. i’ve been trying to find that unique position that hits all the right spots for me – utilizes my skill set, is interesting to me, contributes to something I believe in, and pays the bills. ah the neverending quest 😉

A very dear friend recently said to me that what I really need to do is make my own job. I gave this a lot of thought. The current plan for the country is to create jobs. How does one go about “creating jobs” any way? You give lots of money to existing companies to expand – and/or you give lots of money to budding company ideas who need startup dough. Or maybe you could just come by my place and write out a check that will cover all my outstanding loans and debts which will allow me to do all the many things I have floating around my head which could very well save the world.

Another not-so-dear friend joked that what I really needed to do was focus on getting married to some wealthy philanthropist who will support me and all my many varied interests. Hmmm this also required some thought.  was my friend saying that I could be like a trophy wife? or was he saying whoever married me would have to be pretty darn charitable?

I decided not to rule out either option and so I began researching grant monies and sugardaddies. I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress for sure. In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye on the classifieds just to be on the safe side.


One thought on “stimulate this

  1. “I decided not to rule out either option and so I began researching grant monies and sugardaddies.”
    LOL! You know what, the funny thing is that I bet that sentence HAS indeed been uttered before.

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