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quick plug for a project…

So one of the many joys in my life is art. I can’t actually “do” art, but I think I have impeccable taste and I know good art when I see it. Of course that’s subjective, obviously.

Anyway, any chance I get to support and celebrate other people’s work I relish it greatly, and I am always trying to think of ways to encourage and inspire such work.  Many times people come out of the woodwork when properly enticed, and I am always so pleased when I find out new things about people especially when it comes to hidden talents. It’s also, incidentally, one of the reasons I like things like 25 things lists because it forces people to admit stuff and often you learn something you didn’t know before. But I am SO digressing…

First Fridays Cafe was an idea I had when I first moved to Williamsburg and thought, man I’m bored. What would I want to be doing if I were in a real city? Art and music always comes to mind. I’m still trying to think of other ways to cultivate the live music scene here, but FFC is a start.

The May Cafe will mark a year since the first Cafe, and I have to admit I’m excited about that. There were some bumps along the way, but all in all, I’m pleased with the first year and I’m prayerfully and humbly commited to the task of enabling the Cafe to grow and truly inspire others. There is nothing quite like an amazing piece of art to inspire and knock you off your feet.

So with that, we are creating an event to call out all the artists and aspiring artists to tackle a theme that I think resonates with most of us: “UNFINISHED.” The idea was borne out of a conversation with Camper, our Assistant Pastor. I’m going to write a bit more about it in the next post, but basically I fell in love with the theme and it really summarizes the feeling and direction I’ve had all along with the Cafe.  I’m totally stoked. Now I’m just hoping that the art comes together. If the whole event turns out badly, well, I guess I can just blame the theme…

Anyway, you can keep tabs on the Cafe and our 1st Annual Invitational Show here…


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