the war in Iraq

And speaking of what Jesus would do, one of the deacons at my church, Philip Forgit, is currently in Iraq. He is in the Naval Reserves and in 2007, ran for Congress as a Democrat! (gasp!) He is an elementary school teacher by day, and an exemplary Christian by all day. He has such a heart for people and for reaching out. And now he has this incredible opportunity to be embedded with troops in Iraq while filming a documentary about life in a war zone and its toll on the Iraqi people. I can’t wait to see it and hear his stories when he returns.

Unfortunately, I think the Virginia Gazette doesn’t have a specific page or blog dedicated to him, so I just have the link to the article he wrote. I believe it’s the first in a series. I’ll keep an eye out for more from him. For now, it’s just this goofy long URL… an interesting read.



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