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and here’s my problem with being an atheist…err… i mean a christian…

So as many of you know (and have privately asked me about) I “religiously” read my friend g’s blog, Impolite Company, mostly because he is a really interesting guy, and partly because he is so crazy prolific.

(sidebar: I used to think the word prolific carried with it a sense of being “good” not just voluminous. apparently no such connotation exists exceptin’ in me head… not to say that G’s blog isn’t also “good” postin’.)

Anyway, a couple of today’s blogs centered around Darwin, atheism/agnosticism, and mac-n-cheese. I will get to the first two after I say that those pictures made me really hungry and I now have to go look for something to eat.

Ok, back. It ain’t mac and cheese, but it’ll do.

So with this post, he links to another blog of a person who, like us, were once lost and then found and then lost again. One thing that really strikes me whenever I read or talk to people who don’t have “the faith” is they sound just like people who do. What I mean is, phrases like “they” are dumb or blind or deceived or flawed or lost or etc. Then everyone launches into the old tried and true arguments of why there is/isn’t a God/Higher Power Thingy and how can the other side really be all that smart, really, in the end?

More often than not, it boils down to believing what you want to believe to get through the day. I have been on both sides of the argument and it is so not any where near my intention or even interest to try to convince anyone else of anything. I just know where I am right now which includes not having any idea where I will be an hour from now. If I’ve learned anything in my relatively short life, it’s that I still have a lot to learn and I have really truly only learned it while remaining humble and willing to listen.  I won’t ever have all the answers and I don’t have the intellectual capacity to reason out every single attack and counter attack. But I do think I deeply fully understand both sides of the argument and wont even begin to engage in the tug of war. 

But I’ll admit I like to watch y’all. Especially when it’s really muddy out.


3 thoughts on “and here’s my problem with being an atheist…err… i mean a christian…

  1. This isn’t a complaint, just a question–do you think I treat Christians as lost, dumb, blind or deceived? I ask, mainly for the sake of self-discovery because I like to think that I’m a little more even-handed than that and if I don’t come across that way to others it’s good to know.

    Here’s how I like to think of my approach to Christianity and theology–I try not to talk about it in universal terms or make claims that my perspective on God is the only way to go. Or even argue the existence of God. But if there are specific issues that I think the church or influential Christians are wrong on or if I think the specific doctrinal positions cause unfortunate or bad results, I will talk about that. These issues are generally ones that touch on public policy, such as abstinence only education or, like one of yesterday’s posts, federal funding of religion. Which, of course, frequently leads me to talk about fundamentalism. And I’m not too terribly kind to fundamentalism.

    Hmmm, maybe I’ll have to blog about this some time!

  2. what you said. to a TEE. perfect. that’s me too. but you and i know we are totally not that different! it’s just that most people don’t have that same outlook, and RESPECT that we have for other human beings.

    to answer your question, i wouldn’t think of you as treating christians that way, though i guess my point partly is that many times the “us v. them” approach comes through, as it does with anyone really. both sides of the divide have this warlike attitude, much like FORMER vp dick, who would rather win at all costs up to and including extreme torture, than actually consider issues of humanity and justice. whoa… tangent warning!

    anyway, i wouldnt argue with anyone who is defensive or in attack mode. but like you, i would be compelled to point out flaws in specific issues, particularly those that directly affect me or those i care about.

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