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the other Coraline

I tend to stay away from reviews before I go to see a movie and then read them all after to compare and contrast. I find that reviews often skew the way I would have seen the flick and sometimes get my hopes up. However, against my better judgment, I read a few about Coraline. I really wish I hadn’t, and, as is too often the case in my life, I am now reminding myself that I should have listened to myself.

To be fair, as I always try to be, I see a movie as a completely separate but equal entity unto itself. It is not a book, and therefore should not be compared to the book at any great length. You cannot possibly do in a movie what you do in a book and vice versa. So when I view something like say, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, I am viewing it as its own story that I have never heard before.

That said, there are certain stories that just seem fairly perfect as is and when people run amok with it and add characters to tell the story, changing the main character herself in some ways, it does bug me. I can’t help it. I love Coraline as is. The character, that is. Sure you could do a thousand things with the story and as it’s a children’s book and fairly short, there is plenty of room in a movie to do some fantastic additions. But I’m hesitant now because of the alarming addition of a LITTLE BOY!!!

Now, I dont have anything against little boys. Of course not. I love little boys. They are rad. My problem though, is this is a story about the courage and faith of a LITTLE GIRL. The addition of a LITTLE BOY for moral support is well, immoral.

Again, to be fair, I will leave my final judgment to after I have actually seen the thing, but obviously (seeing how I just referred to it as “the thing”) I have lost a bit of my excitement. Neil, please please please dont let me down here. I beg of you!!!


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