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for semimental reasons

I love nostalgia and revisiting the past at least mentally and sometimes physically. Pictures are of course the more obvious way to relive those memories and a single photo can send you off into seemingly endless remembrances of who, what, when, where and sometimes y.

It can also be quite damaging to your psyche. I start thinking about all the mistakes around that time, the broken relationships, the deadend job I stayed at too long or not long enough, the projects I didn’t participate in or did halfheartedly, the many many ways I failed as a human being. It’s enough to send me straight back to bed.

But I can’t stay there. I get up and I press on. I also remember the pure joys and laughter and peace I felt at times. The poetry of life, as some call it, is the working out of an idea or emotion through good and bad, pain and sorrow, balance, always balance in all things. So I try to be grateful for the pics that make me smile and the ones with really bad hair days and 30 pounds of excess Robin. It is all together me and you and us.

On another note, it reminds me that I have to be more purposeful in taking pictures of all that goes on now. Because there will be a day when I’ll look back on right now and smile too. Or weep. Though my hair looks ok today. It’s not CANDY mind you, but I really don’t like random people touching my hair any way.

and of course I always think of this song when looking at pictures…


2 thoughts on “for semimental reasons

  1. Easy there, tiger. Jealous much? It just burns you up that I have Candy Hair and you don’t, doesn’t it? I don’t even know what the hell it means but I’m quite certain the knowledge that I have candy hair is reason enough to strut. And so strut I will. I’m pretty sure that your hair is better than mine–it appears to be much more shimmery. Mine’s just turning old and gray.

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