fat tuesday, fatter wednesday

I fully realize I shouldn’t be endorsing IHOP or gluttony (certain readers will be rolling their eyes and throwing darts at the picture i know they have of me on their wall) but tomorrow IS National Pancake Day and far be it from me to deny my occasional hankering for all things fluffy and doughy and, er, national.

And then there’s the whole Lent thing coming up. I can’t believe it’s that time of year again.  I didn’t really grow up with a sense of Lent. I suppose somewhere in that space in my head which compartmentalizes religious activity I had the faint notion that Lent was Catholic and therefore evil blasphemy. As an older and maturer agnostic, I realized that this period of time is actually not confined to Rome and there is some form of such a period in nearly every major religion.  The idea of fasting or abstaining from something in your life to give birth to further clarity, religious zeal, fervor, and what-have-you, is hardly a trademark.

that said, I have never actually given up anything for Lent. ever. i am pretty sure this makes me a tad below zealot status. i’m totally ok with that.

I just read this on wikipedia, which i rather liked.. “The three traditional practices to be taken up with renewed vigour during Lent are…”

  • prayer (justice towards God)
  • fasting (justice towards self)
  • almsgiving (justice towards neighbour)

Now I’m not saying that I am going to give up anything for lent, but there is something to be said for “renewed vigour” and making a more purposeful commitment to pure living.  You know, AFTER the free pancakes and wanton sex. Not to be confused with won ton sex.

I’m so kidding.

Not about the pancakes though. I’m totally eating some.

And i just found this commercial. Wowza.


One thought on “fat tuesday, fatter wednesday

  1. Fasting is not just about doing without something. Is like stopping the normal routines in the game of life to come to the sideline and get with the coach (God) and get his gameplan, some much needed rest and refreshment. It is a time of ceasing to satisfy the physical desires of my body to focus on refreshing my spiritual being.

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