ashes ashes we all fall down

Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. where you take a long hard look inside your soul and root out all the deep evil sins lurking just beneath a cool exterior, waiting to pounce at any moment like the creepy man hiding in the bushes, who may or may not be a nice guy to friends and neighbors. Sorry that was a bit of tangent from another blog.

Once a year, people of Jewish faith have a similar type of day, Yom Kippur, where they fast and pray fervently, reflecting on sins and relying on atonement as promised by G-d. Except Yom Kippur comes at the end of 10 days of making amends and starting a new year, while Ash Wednesday is the kick off of 40 days of spiritual renewal leading to the celebration of the Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter. So many holidays – so many opportunities to remember just how much we totally suck.

I’ve said before that I really dig rituals. I think they’re neato. I remember as a kid seeing people walking around with a dirty patch on their foreheads and thinking they were cool. Not that Catholics are cool, just their rituals. Haha just kidding. The Pope is dope, yo.


2 thoughts on “ashes ashes we all fall down

  1. Don’t forget Ramadan! And the sins you really need to watch out for are those familiar, every day sins rather than those exotic ones that jump out at you. Don’t you hate it when your tangent follows you?

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