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G C D Em and a lil bit of A

It never ceases to amaze me how very many songs you can play with those chords. I’ve been doing covers and playing around with some songwriting for most of my adult life. and the thing is that songs we all know and love are really fairly simple when you break them down. But really, that’s not even close to th point.

Sure as musicians, we look for those that challenge us. The first band that comes to mind is Rush, who are of the more complicated yet mainstream variety. Then there’s the Dave Matthews Band, though arguably not as musically complicated, but he is technically a superior guitarist. Plus some of his rhythms make it clse to impossible to sing and play at the same time, yet he does it with seeming ease.

So, case in point… one of my favoritest songs ever – makes me borderline mush every time. It’s probably one of the most simple arrangements of notes you can find, but somehow it totally works for me and makes me weepy. Plus it makes me think of someone who I was so in love with at the time and couldn’t make it work and the words just cut into my heart like a hatchet into a turkey neck on thanksgiving. awesome. i love when a song completely paralyzes. that’s the very best in music right there dude. (plus plus it’s a band called Snow Patrol, apropos of the day)


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