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busting blocks this summer…

So at the Watchmen movie, they started the previews and it occurred to me that summer is not that far away. I mean, it was 70+ degrees outside and I was sitting in a dark theatre. And my toes were cold. But I love my flipflops.

Anyway, here are the notable ones.

X-men Origins: Wolverine
(05.01.09 – summer starts earlier every year huh)

I’m halfhearted about the title. The comic book, er graphic novel, called “Origin,” is one of the most gorgeously illustrated books you will ever see in your life. Seriously. Not even reading the words on the page, you can just get caught up in the imagery. It’s fantastic, everything comics should be and then some. Some of you are just laughing at me, but seriously. Go look for it at the bookstore as I’m sure they’re going to have them in stock now that the movie will come out and we all know movie sales means book sales. Whatever.

So I come to the movie with hesitation, but I love the Wolverine character and Hugh Jackman does it well enough to not be distracting. I would have liked to have seen more of the comic book story but I guess it wouldn’t exactly stretch to a full movie, and no one really wants to see a Wolverine movie without the military storyline. I’m really happy about Liev Schreiber who we just don’t see enough of, but I could do without Ryan Reynolds. Hopefully they didn’t write in too many wisecracks for him.

Star Trek

No fancy subname following a colon. First plus. Second plus is the beautiful cast with geek-girl favs Karl Urban and Eric Bana, with a nod to Zachary Quinto, who, though you’re not supposed to like him as Sylar in Heroes, is still kinda hot in that scary way. Then there’s Chris Pine who I can’t even say I’ve noticed before, but as James T. Kirk you kinda need to vanquish that doofy image of Shatner and you might as well do that with visual assistance of a cute guy. We’ll see what they do with it. I’m not a trekkie like some, so I won’t be much in the way of purism to the original story or whatever. I did like Enterprise with Scott Bakula, but don’t ask me any storylines. I have already vanquished those memories.

Angels and Demons

I havent read the books. Let’s just start with that. DaVinci code was all the rage at the time, being the controversial anti-Roman Catholicism attack that it was, all in good fun of course. I never got around to reading it and quite frankly, I doubt I ever will. I had read a similar book called The Last Templar which pretty much said the same basic premise about the grail being a person or knowledge in general. Whatever. I like the mystery and intrigue and people getting shot at and vast conspiracy and Tom Hanks who is most likely all wrong for the part, but who cares. He is just a likable dude. Plus now we have Ewan McGregor in drag, er, I mean in a priestly robe, to look forward to.

Terminator Salvation

They also refrained from following the colon format, so good for them. Christian Bale is up there in my all time favorite actors ever. Anger management issues aside, he is really one of the very best. Actually, probably because of the issues. I think he was born to play John Connor. Actually, I think he IS John Connor and the world is coming to an end, apparently in 2018. And Obama is the anti-Christ. Or maybe he is a machine. Wait! Has anyone seen Obama cry?? He wasn’t born in Hawaii! He was “born” at Skynet! That explains everything!!!

Oh man. I love sci-fi.

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

They used the colon. I have to say that the first one was really quite a pleasant surprise. I walked in not expecting much at all and mostly went because I was on a date and it seemed the least likely to cause any unexpected awkwardness. I still think the scenes with Ricky Gervais were the best. That guy hurts my sides. I do however realize I was the only one laughing in what felt like the entire theatre. My date made a polite attempt to chuckle.

Most likely, I will wait to see this on DVD, but I’m pretty pleased Ricky G is in it again. I’m suspecting a short cameo.

Inglourious Basterds

That’s right. That’s the name. Brought to you by none other than the Q man himself, Quentin Tarantino. There are some who think Q can do no wrong and I agree up to a certain point. He’s certainly someone we want in Hollywood doing all the crazy stuff he does and shaking things up. Sometimes his scripts are a touch too wordy and self-aggrandizing, but hey, they don’t call it the “big screen” for nothing. I will always give the Q man his chance to entertain me.

Ok, so that’s it. I know there are others coming out but that’s the ones they previewed.  I’m kinda interested in Land of the Lost just because. And maybe Transformers.  I’m surprised we haven’t had more media hype around Public Enemies with Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Billy Crudup, Giovanni Ribisi. I don’t even care what it’s about.

And of course there’s some flick about a magician kid with round glasses. No colons there either.


2 thoughts on “busting blocks this summer…

  1. Yep, leave it to you to make potter an afterthought. You were trying to git my goat, weren’t you?

    We absolutely agree on Bale–he’s good.

    The Q-man–“Jackie Brown” was just okay, and in the Tarentoverse, that’s just not good enough. I didn’t see Grindhouse because I’m relatively certain I would have hated it. But I usually like all out Tarentino productions.

    Terminator–Oh, crap. I just looked up the director and he did the two Charlie’s Angels movies. No wonder Bale was so pissed off.

    Night at the zzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

    Angels and Opie–I thought DaVinci Code was a decent read–popcorn thriller, nothing close to In the Name of the Rose, which was a good book and I liked the movie, too. Angels & Demons was more of the same, with bad physics thrown in for fun (rather than bad theology!). It’ll be watchable fun, right?

    The Road is supposed to come out some time this year, with Viggo Mortensen in the lead. He’s good but the director has no notable experience and I’m just not sure how you can make that novel into a movie. The novel is incredible but relentlessly depressing without much hope. Coming from me, that’s saying something.

    Public Enemies has a great cast but I don’t know anything about it.

    Star Trek? Only if the guy who plays Shatner, I mean Kirk, puts out an album.

  2. who me? i wasnt thinking of you at all in the potter reference…

    as for The Road, I gave up depressing novels for lent. besides, cannibals are icky. i may have to pick up name of the rose though. i did like that movie.

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