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for ireland for ever

As anyone who knows me well enough knows, Fields of Athenry is my favorite Irish song. It’s the right mix of somber and hopeless that just screams Irish traditional ballad to me.

If you ever hear this one live, you might hear some drunken yelling. Some time around the 1990 World Cup, this song became a callout song for the IRA supporters and they scream things like “Sinn Fein” and “the IRA” at points in the chorus.

Some find this really distressing because it’s actually a really pretty song. Unless it’s the Dropkick Murphy’s doing it… they’re an awesome bloody mess. But not what I would call pretty. Hopefully, you would call my version pretty, you know, comparatively speaking. I love singing it but really wish I could growl like Shane MacGowan.

Anyway, cheers to you and happy St. Pat’s.


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