the pope is dope

I can’t help but find it amusing and ironic (well, maybe it’s irony as i am still unclear as to irony usage no thanks to alanis) that people are outraged by statements made by the pope. I mean, guess what people… HE’S THE POPE! What exactly are you expecting him to say? “Screw it, yo. Do whatever you want? We were like totally wrong all this time, people. And like you totally don’t have to even listen to me any more because you can be as close to God as I am. Straight up, dog!”

So he pushes people to be abstinent. Hey, there’s a concept! I mean yeah, the pope has abstained for, you know, all his life and all, heck, for like centuries, ya dig. And like dude, he’s the voice of God on earth. So chill my peeps.

To me, I find it to their credit that anyone listens to that guy any more. I thought I had trouble with faith from time to time. Compared to those people, I am so illin. Like I need major face time in the confessional, and I’ll be doing buttloads of time in purgs, dude.

Ok, don’t get me wrong. I am a Christian. I am. Honest. I totally believe in God and His Grace (NOT NOT NOT to be confused with His Grace the Holy Father Pious Benedict John Paul Leo Sagittarius Felixthecat Rottweiler XVIVXOXO). I am moved to tears by the very idea that God loves me and has gone to extremes to have a relationship with me and to direct my steps. I am in awe of His mercy and forgiveness, His divine Love and Hope, His perseverance and His faithfulness. I aim to live in a way that is loving and merciful and hopeful and faithful in any way I can daily.

And I am floored by dumb crap said and done in His Name.

Btw, the current Papa is Ratzinger, not Rottweiler. My apologies to the dog breed.

BBC Coverage:

Monty Python Coverage:


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