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I encourage everyone always to write. Journal keeping is something I feel everyone can benefit from and while some will shake their head like it’s a chore for them, I do think that once they start, it will make perfect sense to keep it up. Writing is not only therapeutic, it’s a learning system. When forced to think in a mostly defined construct from A to Z, you begin to figure out things you may not have realized before or really given much attention to.

A friend of mine had written an essay about something he does, having to answer the questions of how did I start doing this – why do I do it – who has taught me/influenced me/supported me along the way – what have I learned and gotten from it – etc. This was a required exercise from what I gather, but it got me thinking about how closely this relates to why I blog. Putting my ideas down in complete sentences – well and not so complete ones – makes me organize my thoughts and reminds me why I do anything in the first place. 

Imagine that you had to give an account for everything you do – every single thing you have done so far today, all day yesterday, etc.etc. why and how and who and what and where. And not just a newspaper article type account – but an editorial, giving and proving factual evidence in support of your life.

Back when I had a real career, I was a trainer for a bank. One of the classes I got to teach was Time Management and I’m pretty sure I got more out of it than any of the students. One of the things we had to do was write out everything that was important to you. Then write a list of everything you did the day before and assign a time frame. Then we wrote out a pie chart (I love pie charts) and determined if what we said was important to us lined up with the amount of time we spent doing those things. Of course no one ever lined up. that’s the point.

But it becomes a fine line – having to do things we dont really care about in order to make things we do care about possible. It’s the neverending balancing act. And it makes life hard work.

Anyway, this is why I blog.  To remind myself what’s what and to try to stay focused. I have pages and pages of drafts that never get posted but have helped me sort out whatever was running amuk in my head at the time.

So now I’m off to figure out how I’m going to play a keyboard with no amp tonight and wondering just how many waffle fries I can buy with $100 coupons to Chick-fil-a…


One thought on “blogging it out

  1. Ah yes, I’ve been a big fan of writing things out for quite some time, too! I’m right (write…hehe!) with ya!

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