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big decisions around the bend

So I’ve been thinking for some time about heading back to where it all started. Well, no. Not Korea. But New York. Every time I go back, I feel more alive and excited about life.  There are more jobs there. I won’t need a car. And the love of my life is waiting patiently for me to come back.

Ok, forget this. I am not as committed to these things as *some people* so I will just say, APRIL FOOL’S! And get it over with.

No, I’m not moving back to NYC. Though I have honestly considered it 100 times. It’s always in my back pocket in case of emergency. And I do love it there. But there are other places I’d rather try first and second and third and, well you get the idea. I don’t like going back. I feel like you go back “on your shield or you don’t go back at all.”

That’s lyrics to a friend’s song and I’m not sure if he copied that from someone else or not. I just mean that there are a lot more places to explore and returning to where you’ve been is reserved for when you’ve accomplished things you couldn’t do there. I have so much more of the land to conquer 🙂

Anyway, my “prank” wouldn’t be nearly as good as Graham’s – or as ludicrous as the Steelers saying that they are talking about trading Ben Roethlisberger. The joke is on them. Big Ben is going to retire next year and become an actor and make really awful comedies. But hopefully he won’t kill or conspire to kill his ex-wife and her new boy toy and then get “framed” for it poorly by a racist, bumbling cop.


2 thoughts on “big decisions around the bend

  1. uh…dude… I think its “Come back with your shield – or on it!”

    I think “go back on your shield or don’t go back at all!” is something Spartan mothers say to their children when they’ve been naughty :-p

  2. Hmmm, last night playing dominoes a guy kept referring to me as being “evil” (who knows why? he asks, innocently) so maybe you’re just too nice to make it all the way to the fold with your April Fool’s joke? Say hi to Dan for me (but please don’t tell him I’ve turned evil).

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