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music to live by

It’s amazing to me that anyone “makes it big” ever. I say this because I really feel like there are way way too many talented people in the world and not everyone can get multi-million dollar contracts for whatever it is that they do best. I don’t believe that we live in the best of all possible worlds and that every great person rises to the top to prove her greatness in some kind of uber evolutionary process.

That said, maybe they do. Maybe the best possible candidate for greatness does achieve that status and while others may have some capacity for greatness, they are not in fact great because they never rise to it. I’m sure there’s a better way to state this but I am tired.

All this to say that I am always floored by really great musicians who write beautiful songs and can play so adeptly and make it look easy. And then I start wondering how many really great musicians are out there, all trying to make a living or at least make it into your living room on your stereo.

oh and does anyone call it a stereo any more?

I have no point to this. I guess I just think at the end of the day, I personally feel happy with “discovering” someone who makes good tuneage and I hope that they get the satisfaction they need from knowing people appreciate them.

so please go check out David Tewksbury at or who is a really great musician who has every potential to make it big and could very well do so, God willing. in the meantime, my stereo will herald his talents.


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