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looks – don’t look

Speaking of viral videos, there is one doing the circulation lately about a woman on the TV show Britain’s Got Talent. You can view the video from the show which came out a few days ago on Youtube.

First off, she has a gorgeous voice. So I’ll just throw that spoiler out there before we go any further. And I’m doing so to point out something that really gets under my skin about these types of things. The comments people make surrounding the video just really piss me off. Even the judges on the show are idiots, although somewhat surprisingly Simon Cowell claims he knew she was going to be talented. Maybe because he has learned something that I learned a long time ago. You NEVER judge a book by its cover.

We say that kind of thing in conversation, but I think the point doesn’t get absorbed the way it should with most people. I am amazed when people are amazed. Like if they look at someone and are shocked that they are talented or smart or into this that or the other thing. It betrays the simplicity with which we size people up and the gross prejudices we carry around with us. You really can never know a thing about a person, who they are, what they are capable of, or what they have been through, just by looking.

So while I applaud Ms. Boyle for coming out and doing her thing which must have been completely nervewracking and yet rewarding at the same time, I grimace in disgust at the types of responses people have given.

Now please don’t get me wrong and think that I’m being self-congratulatory. Ok, I’m being a bit self-congratulatory. It’s just something that I’ve been hyper aware of since I was a kid and realized my looks had really so little to do with anything. Our prejudices about people go such a long way in understanding and respecting each other – realizing what our prejudices are and smiting them is the first and arguably most important step.

on a sidenote, I found it incredibly sad when she said she’s never been kissed!! I’m sure that betrays my sense of well being through kisses.  But let’s face it. Lip locking can be really nice.


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