random robin

i love ya tomorrow

I know someone who lives by the mantra of never caring about tomorrow. “Tomorrow is another day” he would always say. There was a real peacefulness about this, because he saw each new day as a challenge – a puzzle to be put together and completed only as far as the day allows. Tomorrow will have new pieces and a new puzzle to complete. One day at a time. And yes the guy had been a recovering addict.

The point though, I think, is that each day has its own set of questions to be answered and whatever isn’t answered will still be there tomorrow. I try not to worry, but there is, as with everything, a balance. Being flippant and completely carefree (usually interpreted as careLESS) is not usually the best way to get through either, and only leaves some hard work and sometimes heartache for the future. Being completely unprepared for what may be coming up seems like a hectic way to live, and I’ve seen those people break down in really epic ways. I’ll be the first to admit that I take a look at my calendar on a daily basis and try to make sure that things are fitting together like they should and I have my ducks in something resembling a row.

It’s a fine line, and I try to figure out the balance each day. I think that’s the point. So today, I am closing up some gaps and tying up loose ends and yada yada. I am trying to get rid of some things and reprioritize other things. All while searching high and low for the perfect hairstyle. because the hair has GOT to go!!!

If you would like to say goodbye to my hair, please do so now…


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