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I’m gonna kill Bill!

As a member of the female of the species, I am always looking for new interesting, complex and meaningful female characters in literature, film, and music who don’t piss me off.  Many times women tend to be (1) damsel in distress, (2) female sidekick, (3) sex object/pretty backdrop, (4) gender quota fodder, and/or (5) all the above, also known as Angelina Jolie.

But every now and then you get just a good, fun wacked out character who just couldn’t be anything other than a woman, and makes me want to take up a martial art. And dye my hair blonde.

Kill Bill is a horrible movie, I mean, make no mistake. It is ridiculously convoluted, the characters are caricatures, the plot is winding and the dialogue is doofy. It’s violent, foul-mouthed, comically overdone. And I love every second of it.

Quentin Tarantino knows that there is a large portion of movie-goers like me who appreciate lunacy and self-aggrandizing storytelling. And the Q man has a profound love for these things, and Uma Thurman’s feet. Not to mention the kind of respect needed to give female characters their room for complexity and gravity.

All this to say, every time I’m channel surfing and Kill Bill (vol 1 or 2 and especially both in order) is on, I am totally sucked in. Even though I own it and have seen it a dozen times.

Which brings me to another point – all the other movies that I own personally tend to be male-centric. All 3 Blades, all 3 Matrix, all 3 Lord of the Rings, all 3 Star Wars… and Chronicles of Riddick/Pitch Black, and ummm Sense and Sensibility. (Yeah. Ok. That last one was a gift.) I still cry every time Whistler dies in Blade. Which incidentally happens again in the third one. Gotta love scifi. I also have things like Fight Club and Boondock Saints and the Fifth Element. I need to go buy things like Bridget Jones’ Diary and Bridget Jones’ whatever-the-sequel-was-called, and something with Kate Hudson in it. Oh and maybe throw in a Susan Sarandon flick for good measure. Somewhere inside there’s a girly girl screaming to get out. She’s taking her sweet time to get out here, cuz shes doing her nails or something…


2 thoughts on “I’m gonna kill Bill!

  1. I’m still trying to find someone who can teach me the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. I tend to love me some Q. Would you consider making Thelma & Louise your S.S. flick (Let’s not get caught.)

  2. well, good case in point – i have never seen T&L all the way through. i liked what i saw, though i have the feeling it will be a little dated. we’ll see.

    and i’m pretty sure i know how to explode a heart. though it isnt in my palms. (I really have no idea where I’m going with this so I’ll stop now.)

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