random robin


This has been such a busy week. First full week back at an 8 to 5 job (that 9 to 5 thing went out with Aqua Net hairspray and leg warmers). My life is now taken up with creating and tracking proposals for engineering work with big words that are mostly way beyond me – things like sheathing and EIFS. And apparently it’s spelled jambs – all these years I’ve been spelling it the same way as what musicians do when they get together and play. Like lambs.

Then there was the 25th anniversary of the church I’ve been attending, Grace Covenant Presbyterian. We had a fun night of reflection and singing – old school with an overhead projector and songs like “Shut de do, keep out the debil” and “King Jesus is All.” And tonight our jazz trio played some fun standards and oldies during dinner – broke out “Ain’t Misbehavin,” “Route 66,” and my personal favorite “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning.” I cant quite croon like Sinatra, but I’m working on it. Our little band is really getting pretty good together. We even played a few off the cuff that we never did together and they sounded as good as the ones we’ve worked on for weeks. Maybe that’s not saying much… haha.

Tomorrow is another longish day with 2 church services, home group at night, and somewhere in there I have to finish some WORK! i know i know. shouldn’t be working on Sunday. but this is kinda fun work. I get to play around with writing a newsletter and a press release. i actually think that stuff is fun. it’s kinda like writing a blog, only someone is actually paying me this time 🙂


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