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space – the not so final frontier

One of the keys to sci-fi is to not take itself too seriously. Obviously this refers to the “fi” in “sci-fi” and writers and directors alike should always step back from the concept and see if there is humor in it. This is where the new Star Trek movie really shines.

The brilliance of Star Trek back in the day, the day starting in 1966, was that it was totally willing to be outlandish, because after all, it’s outer space. We had no idea what could be out there and over 40 years later we still have only vague ideas, thanks in part to Star trek. The new movie takes this under consideration as it lays out a really good balance of serious danger and action with the right amount of campy homage to the series.


It also created a good clean slate for the future and basically gave the franchise leeway to take the forthcoming movies whatever direction they want, and we all know there will be more for “the next generation.” And I’m really good with that.  As long as they keep that careful balance and have solid writers who see both the reverence for the characters and the kitsch factor. So A+ for effort to all.

“Space is disease and danger wrapped up in darkness and silence” – mccoy, played perfectly by Karl Urban. he NAILED the part and was appropriately dramatic and funny.

“I will monitor your frequency” – uhura to spock in an ever so slightly convoluted romance

“I love this ship. It’s exciting!” – an enthusiastic Scotty


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