random robin


i’m going to be painfully honest here. so big huge elephantic disclaimer: there’s no way i’m going to get around offending any one who may be reading this, so i’m not even going to attempt to not offend any one. (maybe i just offended someone with the use of “elephantic.” it’s elephantine, but i never really liked that word.)

weekends like this really make me miss my friends. not that i don’t have friends here as i do. i’ve made some really nice friends and it’s all good. but i mean the kind of group of friends that i know are going to be hanging out tonight at any of our old patios and live music haunts about Denver. i know i could walk into andrews or sutra, benders or the snug, jacksons or lodos or the rover, and i’ll find a friendly face with a pint or two.

there were nights in D-town when we couldn’t seem to get away from the “friendly face” and the girls would pow-wow in the corner to plan our terms of engagement. and sometimes the BP would have to roll out (that’s b*tch patrol  to the uninformed) and set the record straight to the public. on the good nights, we’d all walk away unscathed. on the not as good nights, we’d all end up in the harsh lighting of denver diner or the more forgiving pete’s kitchen. on a really good night, well, we’d have a really good night.

it will be 2 years in july since i’ve moved away from the Big D. and it’s been a good thing most of the time, and i dont regret it. i do feel “home” here and it’s been great for my relationships with my parents and brother and with my church.  it’s been a growing and stretching experience for me, getting back to what’s important and remembering all i was created for and the Love i am meant to know.

but it’s on weekends like this that i realize i can’t walk down Colfax to the place where everyone knows my name. and it makes me ever so slightly sad. not to mention really sober.


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