random robin

oh man

only one of you reading this will probably appreciate just how glad i am to have found this picture. i really was beginning to doubt my memory, thinking that i just made it up. in a way, that was totally plausible because i have a fairly active subconscious which comes out in wacky dreams and when i am far from sober. seeing as i have renewed a friendship, albeit somewhat virtual, with the subject of this picture (well the one who is not me) i thought it was possible i could have imagined the existence of this picture out of the clear blue sky.

but now that i have found it, i am smiling from ear to ear. and i KNEW it was a book of russian poetry. and i pray to god he still has that book because it is now out of print…


the book is an arrow in the wall by Andrei Voznesensky yes i had to look up the poet. and i dont know what the heck i was wearing… it is crazy tacky!!


One thought on “oh man

  1. So young. So fresh-faced. So impressionable. if I still have the book it is tucked away in a box somewhere in Boone, NC.

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