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i think i can i think i can

So one of the very many things I have always wanted to do (in the same sense as I have always wanted to win the lottery and to own an elephant) is run a half marathon. I’m not even ambitious enough to say a marathon and leave the half for half and half in my coffee. I am a realist and have learned to take small bites. Besides, 13 miles sounds spooky.

I have also learned that if you just think to yourself, Self, you should run a half-marathon, it will not get done. So now I am making it public and fully expect that at least my blog readers (aka my mom and maybe Graham) will keep me accountable. This is something that was partly inspired by my friend Jeff Berg who made his own feats of endurance really really public and therefore obligatory. Of course Jeff will keep me accountable but he’s kinda harsh… so no thanks… haha 😉

So a few things have to happen.

Training. No Duh. I have looked through several “schedules” and I have a definite goal of the Rock and Roll Half Marathon at Virginia Beach on LABOR DAY weekend (!!!!!!) That means I have almost 15 weeks to train. Can I go from zero to 13 in 15 weeks? Sure why not :p

Music. At one point I had a couple hours worth of really great running music. That was back when I had my other computer which fried and I lost most of it since I am not so great at backing up my ishuffle. (that’s the very very tiny ipod for those who dont know) So I am planning to spend a few hours this weekend reloading everything I can find that will be awesome to run to… any suggestions are totally welcome!! One time I ran up Mount Sanitas in Boulder to Rage Against the Machine’s Bombtrack on continuous loop. You could say I was a little angry at the time. I had to walk down though because all that angry energy wiped me out and I got to the top and tripped over a rock and hurt my ankle. Ah good times.

Well, my only real goals are to get in better shape, which is not saying much because I am in horrific shape right now, and to actually finish the race. Even if it takes all day and a trip to the ER. ok let’s not do that.

on an only marginally related note, I have another goal this summer to play out somewhere in Va Beach with the J Boys. We are still trying to settle on a name. The drummer’s name is John and the bassist is Jean Marc. My last name is Jester of course. So we were thinking something with the letter J… The Blue Js. The J Notes. Robin and the J Birds. Robin and the Blue Js. Robin and the Js. I dont know if I particularly need my name in there. We’ll hopefully decide soon because it kinda should go on the flyer and the demo when we finish those to send around town. I feel fairly confident we can actually pull this off. Kinda like a half marathon. It’s do or die time. I ain’t gettin any younga.


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