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What is it about human experience that makes each of us feel that if we dont understand someone’s behaviors then THEY are the bizarre one? Whenever someone has an outward sign of “acting out” or doing something out of the “norm” and conventional mores of society, the question in my mind is what happened to that person or what was the thought process going on in that person’s head to get to this point?

I suppose that each of us feels we have the right to judge from a very young age. I watch my nephews developing into little men and they have all these opinions and are formulating their takes on the world and how it works. It’s fascinating to me – human development and behaviors.

So my thoughts turn to Michael Jackson, who for all intents and purposes was somewhat of a freakazoid. Ther’s no denying this.  He was painfully troubled and sad and thrown into a ridiculous life at a young age that precious few people would be strong enough to come out of in one piece.

Now I will not make excuses for someone who does anything to hurt a child. Ever. The controversy though lies in what exactly he did and if in all other ways he was perfectly “normal” would we have been so quick to believe everything we heard? I’m not sure. All I know is I am for sure glad I was not on that jury. I am for sure glad as well that our judicial system starts on the basis of innocent until proven guilty, though not one of us can honestly totally say we stand by that every time. No way.

Our prejudices and biases come out big time over a person like Michael Jackson. Every fear we have about humanity and celebrity and the worst of depravity gets throw into the mix. Some will be quick to point out there was no evidence to prove anything while others were too busy stoking the fires for his stake to hear what they had to say. I think somewhere in the middle is the truth, and as much of a cynic as I am, I still believe underneath it all that most people are really trying to be good and do the right thing.

That’s not to say people dont fail at this miserably. As a Christian who believes in sin natures I cant help but think that any one of us are capable of doing atrocious things depending on the circumstances and everything in your life that leads you to that point. But at the same time, those with character would not cross the line and that separates the “good” from the “bad.”  But again as a Christian you cannot argue that any of us are “good”

I also cant help but think what if he really didnt do anything wrong in the sense we think he did and that in his royally messed up way he was simply twisted in his giving and receiving of love and affection?  The fact he admitted to having kids stay in his home over night and sleeping in the same bed for example, should be the nail in the coffin, forgive the obvious. But when you hear other stories about how the mother of one of the kids admitted to making up everything to get money and other kids standing up for him and saying none of it was true, you cant help but think that the line between truth and fiction lies somewhere between tv stations.

I grieve for Michael Jackson. I grieved for his life before today. He had so much talent and contributed so much to musicianship, something I am passionate about. I am rambling the way I am in this blog because it is so difficult to make sense of it all and I have never been someone to be so judgmental to claim I know exactly what happened with someone I have only seen on TV and own a few albums of. I dont truly believe even 20% of what I read/hear/see and to do so in any particular case would seem hypocritical.

I allow for others’ opinions and I totally understand and support the outrage of people against those who hurt children. I get that and I would never deny you that in a million years. And maybe it’s because I’ve watched way too many episodes of Law and Order SVU and find it mind boggling that people on all sides lie so much and the issues get clouded over in legal doublespeak. Maybe I’ve become so jaded by it all that I not only have this initial reaction that everyone is guilty no matter what, I also believe very deeply that there is an explanation for everything. How do those things coexist? I dont know. I can only say that the longer I live the more complicated humanity becomes.

And yet, in one way it also is fairly simple. Every body dies.


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