random robin

freedom isnt free

i cant help but think about the fact that God doesn’t believe in government. i mean really. its not His ideal. when His chosen nation (not the USA btw) asked for a ruler/monarch/dictator He said, why the heck you want that? what’s wrong with you people? didnt I tell you what to do and how to live? dont I give you enough freedom and peace? why would you want enslavement and duty and war and chaos?

and then He gave them a really dumb king to prove a point. followed by a really great king who was constantly at war and in hiding. then followed that with a very wise and noble king who had a sex problem.

i’m not trying to be deliberately sacrilegious – ok maybe a little bit – but my point is that i get really concerned about americans these days who talk about their freedoms being diminished when they have never really done anything in the political realm to begin with. and i dont count marching at a pro-life rally. tho even that is a start. i mean when was the last time you went to an open hearing of your city council? did you even know you can just go and sit and listen and even *gasp* address them with your concerns? have you ever lobbied or gone to several contenders for local offices and figured out what they really are doing and what they really will do if in office? do you care *that* much or is it just at the dinner table?

i’m gonna go on record today the 4th because my government will not show up at my door and drag me and my kids away (they’ll have a tough time finding them) and say the following: i am not totally tickled with all obama’s administration is doing right now and i can admit that. i wont make any excuses or try to rationalize away how great he is. i have the feeling if mccain was in office totally screwing up all the repubs would be doing exactly that becuase that’s how, on the whole as a party, they usually react.  i think generalizations dont *generally* help us, but i will say that i still believe in Obama as a person who deeply loves the underdog and wants to correct the past. throwing money at our country’s demons is one way of doing that and obviously the way he has chosen. i pray to God the country will not implode on itself and that stupid people wont overreact. but then again there is no greater enemy than the one within.

that’s enough politics for the day. heck, for the week! i’m done. have a safe and fun holiday and remember all those who have given their all to make the 4th possible. pray for peace.


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