random robin

weekend preview

i’m the kind of person who is often thinking of the next thing instead of the current thing. there is some benefit to that. for one thing, it makes me a good assistant as i always try to be a step ahead of my boss. i also am a decent planner and can get all the details ironed out with time to spare.

the downside to this personality trait/skill, though, is that i often lose the moment and may seem aloof. i tend to be plotting or scheming when i should be focusing on the here and now and enjoying whatever and whoever i am with. that whole stop and smell the roses thing.

so this weekend, i am not thinking about next week and work and plans and anything else i have to do. i want to focus on the people who are walking along the path with me in this time and space. and focus on the beauty of the world in my sights. and i’ll start that tomorrow…  🙂

ps. my parents celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary tomorrow. i took them to see mickey rooney and his wife jan chamerblin in their show. it was entertaining and he is really quite remarkable. 89 years old !! it made me a touch sad but i dont want to get into that right now. no thinking about tomorrow. now it’s time to really really enjoy SLEEP!!!


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