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goodbye 80s

another one bites the dust. goodbye John Hughes. i am grateful for his contributions to my life and my formative years where every insecurity and vanity and painful social interaction were splayed across a movie screen in a way that not only made me laugh about it, i also learned the timeless truth that we are all very much the same, even in our differences.

so i decided to watch pretty in pink tonight and i’ll watch ferris bueller, breakfast club, some kind of wonderful and 16candles this weekend. and maybe mr. mom too. nothing brings me back to my teen years like those movies do. it’s like i instantly become insecure, completely misunderstand my parents and break out in acne. i still have a huge crush on duckie, aka jon cryer who kinda sucks now, but back then i thought he was the bomb. and though i still think james spader does skeevy guy a little too well, i definitely have more of an appreciation for him now than i did then.

anyway, it’s off to bed with the psychedelic furs still ringing in my ears. nothing like the 80s.


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