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that stands for “What Would Jesus Post For His Status Message?”

Facebook is among other things really frickin tedious. At any given moment, you are inundated with seemingly endless “fan suggestions” and “pokes” and inane statuses that answer one of the following questions: what are you eating? what are getting ready to do? where are you taking your kids? where did you take your kids? what shampoo do you use? will you buy this shampoo again?

Let’s face it. we feel connected in some bizarre way because of this information. We give each other thumbs up and we click on a link that indicates we “like” it.

I’m as guilty of being self-absorbed as the next person. Well, if the next person doesn’t happen to be Lindsay Lohan.  I feel the need to share really lame things about my life and what’s going – ie, this here bloggity blog blog – and I fall into hysterics when i feel no one is paying attention to me. I will fully admit this.

But then it strikes me that we are all clawing for attention, to feel important, needed, respected, considered, even laughed at and/or with. We want to matter.

How does one “matter” anyway? What does it take to be a blip on the radar of the world? How high do you have to climb? How far do you have to jump? There are those of us who may have an overblown sense of importance, that if something were to happen to us the world would implode. Well, at least our immediate world, if not the Whole Wide World (of sports).

At the end of the day, everything matters – our entire lives and the things we choose to do with our time. Connections, virtual and physical alike, are important and make up our very souls. We are together in this life, and just a simple click of a button can make your entire being light up and rejoice.  I am always all for all the things that bring us together and makes us smile. All I ask is that you make it count.

Please “like” this… thanks in advance 😉


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