random robin

enough with the texting while driving video!!

and here’s my thoughts on this…

i hate how we jump on this witch-hunt-like behavior of pinpointing this one thing and demonizing it as if it is ultimately responsible. i cant tell you how many times i’ve been cut off or backed into or etc etc just becuz the driver just simply didnt friggin LOOK. texting and whatnot is just an excuse for being a JERK and disregarding all the others around you. how about this… how about as a society we realize that every time we get behind the wheel, turn the car on and impede on the world, we are personally and inextricably responsible for every single driver and passenger that we pass at any given moment? how about we decide that we are taking every single life into our own hands with every press on the gas pedal, every turn, and every reverse? how about we remember that driving a car is not a right but a gift, a rather expensive gift, and a weapon of mass destruction? (sorry i had to) and that at any given moment we could murder someone who is precious and beautiful to someone else?

for starters, let’s agree to always use our directionals, mmkay? thanks in advance.


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