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weekends were made for…

Charlottesville and friends and U2 and apples. not necessarily in that order. I loved Charlottesville – the campus is pretty and the downtown area is almost exactly the same feel as Boulder, CO, also a college town not all that coincidentally. I miss real cities, and while C-Ville isn’t quite a “real” city, it has that unmistaken feeling of energy and vibrancy and creativity and I’m sure a few other -y words.

(BTW, C-ville makes me think of Cedarville which is another story altogether. Not a story I will prob tell any time soon. There are plenty of others who have much more interesting stories about THAT C-ville than I ever will. Thank God.)

So my birthday mission of U2 and a new town and lots of music and art worked out swimmingly. Now moving on to the next big thing, cuz y’all know I don’t do boredom very well. Next weekend is New York for South Shore Christian School reunion – which should be craziness central. Lots of people I haven’t seen for nearly 20 years!!!

And then there’s an ART SHOW for me to put together in the next couple weeks. It’s coming together slowly but surely, nothing new there. More on that another time. Maybe.

For now, I leave you with these pics.

Charlottesville 2009

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