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I’ve been thinking about toilets today. Well, it’s World Toilet Day, click HERE for info. The Water for People people are trying to get us to think about how much of the world do not have the clean water and waste capacity we have here in the US and in more developed countries. If you’ve ever seen Slumdog Millionaire, you may remember that lovely scene where the little kid jumps into a gigantic mound of poop and pee. That is the reality for many many people on our planet. And here we are in America where we get all mad when our cleaning company buys scratchy toilet paper. (I’m not naming any names, but she *might* be writing this … )

Anyway, reading the website got me thinking about how overwhelming it is to look at something like a clean water movement and feel like your measly $100 is not going very far or whatever. I also thought this recently when a friend was doing a fundraiser and I sent twenty bucks and thought, gee, I’m gonna spend more that on a couple beers at the Steelers game. I really can get myself depressed thinking how much I suck as a person. I’m pretty self-absorbed and often find myself, well, thinking about myself.

Then again, I can’t give to every good cause that comes along. There are so many things I would like to help out with and I try to be conscientious about these things. But it’s easy to get bogged down with futile efforts and feel like nothing you will ever do will make any difference.

So it got me thinking. How do YOU choose what you give to and how you volunteer? Do you have a kind of mental checklist – certain hot button issues that you focus on? Or is it more a matter of, yeah I can do without two beers – here’s 20 bucks.  Or maybe everyone else has it all figured out and it’s just me being selfabsorbed – again. Please tell me you struggle with these things… please…

and just for fun… click on the toilet…

World Toilet Day


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