random robin

rezobolutionables 2010

i like making up new words 🙂

so I’m thinking about the things i was supposed to do last year and how i did one of them.  this year i am going to do them all. really. i mean it. honest. absolutely.

  • voice lessons: seriously i need them desperately. my voice craps out after 20 minutes of singing. not good for the future career… as a waitress… haha. but seriously, i just got voice lessons on CD for Christmas so now i really have run out of excuses.
  • play out more: i was supposed to try to play an open air stage last summer, so this goal has been renewed for this year. Virginia Beach Summer 2010! you won’t know what hit you! i’ll tell you – a small asian chick. we gots rhythmses.
  • visit more friends: i’ve been reminded quite a bit lately of mortality and brevity of life. a few good friends diagnosed with various diseases, a friend who cant have children much to her great dismay, and my own ridiculous health issues including but not limited to carpal tunnel which affects my piano playing. constantly reminding myself that “life is short but sweet for certain.”
  • publish something: seriously now. it’s been on my list for years now. i’ve been putting some things together, but then i got distracted. for like ten years.
  • send birthday cards on time: um yea.

maybe more to come…

maybe not.


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