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36 things: Oct-Dec 2009 (catching up)

so for those following along at home, i am supposed to be setting 3 goals for myself each month – 1. go to a new place, 2. see “old” friends, and 3. write something new. wellll, i’ve been doing pretty great at this if i say so myself. thing is that when you visit friends and check out new places, you have less time to blog about it. so here i am with a rare night at home alone and i chose to spend it writing out what i’ve forgotten about for the past few months.

3 Things x 12 months = 36 things: October 2009

1. New place = Williamsburg retreat center, Toano. It was nice to get away for a little bit. i went to music weekend there because i was asked to be the accompanist for the choir. never been up there, but heard it was nice. it’s fairly standard for a christian organization, but they really do have a pretty impressive sized area. we didnt get to have a bonfire and throw sticks representing our sin or anything. but it was still rad.

i also went to crabtree falls though it doesnt really count because it’s not in williamsburg. but it was beautiful and i think it will need to become a tradition to go up there. just a couple weekends earlier tho so we dont miss the foliage and whatnot. oh and not freeze to death either.

2. Old friend =SSCS reunion!!! way too many people to list and i would be sad if i forgot someone. ok, well, Jodi, Paul and Ilona, Sue, Barbara and Judith, Paul and Mike D, Bobby, Jordan, Mrs Riedel, Miss K, and the nurse whose name I can never remember. see, i know i’m forgetting people and now i feel bad. anyway, it was so great to reconnect with some people who still mean so much to me. and i really feel like none of us look any different 🙂

3. Writings = ok, so i didnt write much new in October…

3 Things x 12 months = 36 things: November 2009

1. New place =uhhhh sadly, i cannot think of any where new that i went in the ‘burg…

2. Old friend = Eric, met up in Pittsburgh. wrong ‘burg.

Haven’t seen Eric in a couple years, and I really haven’t even spent a lot of time with him, but I still feel like he’s a good friend. I think that’s mutual but who knows :p  Anyway, I was pretty excited to see Pitt for the first time ever. it’s a cool city and I hope to get back up there this summer. I feel like there was so much to see and I mostly was there for the Steelers game and to see Eric. next time, i will completely ignore him and the Steelers wont be around. haha.

3. Writings =i wrote a couple lyrics for songs. no i am not posting them yet.

3 Things x 12 months = 36 things: December 2009

1. New place =Walnut Hills Baptist church. haha. i know! so exciting!! but yeah, i’ve always driven by it but never been in and was always curious. it’s pretty big inside which i wasnt really expecting. it’s deceiving. like any good baptist church should be. went there for their Christmas concert because one of the guys i work with was in the choir. fairly traditional stuff, but it was nice and totally reminded me of Wantagh Baptist where i grew up and spent many many years in choir. good times.

2. Old friend =DENVER!!! yeah, i’m counting the whole city. got there for new years eve and it was so fun to be back. got to see a lot of good people, though not nearly everyone i wanted to. oh well. it is always nice to go where everybody knows your name.

3. Writings =i wrote a few christmas cards. does that count?

ok, now we’re all caught up and i will try to capture my life better in the next year… rezolutionable # whatever.


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