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there’ll be music everywhere

i love music. if you know me, you are going well duh! but it really has occurred to me in the past couple years that I actually can do more than just enjoy listening to music. i can play it too. wow!

I’ve been playing piano since i was little. I’ve been singing since I was even littler. but somewhere along the way I got it into my head that i wasn’t a prodigy, i couldn’t really write anything new or interesting (it all sounded just like something else I heard) and i wasn’t going to have the kind of commitment it takes to be a performer. so i just gave up.

fast forward to my 30s and now i’m looking back going, wow i wasted a lot of time. the thing with music is that everyone contributes a part somehow. there is nothing like performing a song, and it doesn’t even have to be perfect, and have someone come up to you and say how much they enjoyed it. you think, i did that. i sang that. i played that. and it helped someone pass the time at the very least.

but once you start playing out, it’s like an addiction. you want to play more and your repertoire starts expanding out exponentially. and when you live in a town like WILLIAMSBURG, you quickly discover … your options are a little limited.

my last blog was about “the arts” and I’m excited about what is going on. but i realize that i need to emphasize that music is part of “the arts” and while people know this on some intrinsic level, we still feel the need to designate arts and music – music and art.

i love the venues we have. JM Randalls is a bright light on the horizon, like a lighthouse. Squires Gourmet has been doing some great events though I’ll admit I was thrown off a bit at first by the fact it’s a deli. haha. Aroma’s Coffeehouse is usually a decent bet for some live entertainment, though it seems pretty light on the schedule. or maybe I’m just not paying enough attention. once the weather heats up again, there will be patios to congregate at, Corner Pocket and Green Leafe New Town.

And we do have a ton of live music through more large scale outfits like CW and the library, but for local up-and-comers it seems like getting into Fort Knox, especially if your music isn’t particularly colonial. which is fine because that’s what this town is all about and we love it because of that.

but for a musician, there is a small stage, shared by many. my goal this spring/summer is to get to know as many (and maybe even all because I feel that may actually be achievable) musicians based here as I can. one of the ideas I’ve had is to start a message board, similar to what Denver has. I was once part of the music scene, writing reviews and going to live music nearly 4 times a week. And in Denver you can. Granted Denver is a larger city than the ‘Burg, but I would think that between the college students and the growing yuppie population we would have more musicians. And it’s my goal to find them and drag them out of the bushes. and they will be dancing in the streets…


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