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embrace the dork within

i’ll admit it. i’m a bit of a dork. i love dorky things. and according to the definitions of dork, geek, and nerd, i fall more along the lines of dork because i’m not all that smart, only techie enough to get into trouble, but still manage to carry off conversations and socialize with “normal” people. that makes me somewhere in btwn dork and nerd i guess.

anyway, i’ve been totally hooked on this anime series (see what i mean) called Gankutsuou. it’s loosely based on the novel The Count of Monte Cristo, but takes place in the far future and on another planet. sort of. i havent really figured that part out yet. they have horse drawn buggies, but the count dude creates this cgi world in his basement.

so to balance out the dork, i have also been watching Sons of Anarchy – season 1. this one is not anime but it is also loosely based on a work of literature, this time Shakespeare’s Hamlet. if you can believe that a story about a biker gang is based on Hamlet. it really is. and it’s cool. not to mention that Katey Sagal is brilliant in it. every now and then i feel like it’s a touch, just a small touch that is, of Sopranos meets the OK Corral. but it works for me and i hear season two is even better. i have to catch up before season 3 rides around. although i’m not so good on keeping up with current series. like i had no idea house was still on…


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