dating and singlehood

wait! what *AM* i looking for?

i love those conversations that turn into, so what are you looking for in a guy? i do that standard routine – you know, a pulse, a full head of hair (i actually have a penchant for partially grey), a dimple, preferably two… you know the important stuff. and then when i get the appropriate amount of laughter, i say, sigh, i dont know. well, i might not *say* sigh out loud. i actually do the sigh.

but really, there was a day i had the general idea that i wanted a guy who played guitar and piano, can carry a tune, told great stories, has blue eyes and dark hair, somewhere between 5’4 and 6’8 and was partial to asians. oh and learned to speak korean while living overseas. but not in the military. maybe with the peace corps.

now i have gotten a little more specific and can narrow it down to something a lot less vague and much more realistic. stay tuned for pending engagement and save the date notices.

at the end of the day, i really think i will have no earthly idea until he is signing the prenup…



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