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music sweet music – there’ll be music every where!

well, SO much is going on musically for me right about nowish and it’s terribly exciting. i constantly have things going on in my head about what to do next, songs, originals and fun covers, who to invite to play with us, where we should try to go. it’s exciting to be a J Bird 😉

and last weekend was filled with good tunes. friday night dancing to fullmetalsnackbarjohnson. saturday dancing to a random dj in DC, and sunday night worship with Alex Mejias and high street hymns. you really cant ask for a better weekend. well, you *can* i guess…

now for this week, i’m gonna be the one making the tunes which is fun too.
tues nite practice with the J Birds, wed nite practice with worship team and then senior play production at W&M with Marynn (more on that another time), thu nite Maundy Thursday service – lots of good music to be played, fri nite – totally and completely unsure! which is fun! 🙂 and sunday of course is Easter and the choir is doing a lovely song with a really fun piano accompaniment that i get to play. i’m sure we’ll do some good stuff with worship team too.

what would life be without music? it would be a dark and sorrowful place.


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