random robin

36 things: march

1. New place:

So I attended my first Professional bull riding … errr… game? what do you call it? it’s not a show, well, it IS a show, but it’s actually a professional sport and this was some kind of actual scoring contest?! so whatever it was called, i was there.

Now i can’t say I exactly espouse the concept of bull riding, and as we sat in our seats i realized that we could actually end up seeing something fairly traumatic and I wasn’t sure i could deal with that. but it all went fine and after a few gasps and ohs and ahs, i realized the truth about bull riding. it is RIDICULOUSLY BORING!!!!

but it’s true that whomever you go with makes all the difference.

that sentence may not be grammatically correct. yeee haw!

2. Old friend:

well it may go without saying to my loyal readers that i met up with the ultimate “old” friend this month. the back story is that he was roommates with my brother in college and that somehow by his senior year (and my junior year in high school) i had a huge crush on him. i’m thinking it was a mix of just always having crushes on older guys (that’s a by product of having older brothers) and being interested in the kind of guy who would discuss poetry with you. i was a fairly impressionable girl. i suppose i still am.

anyway fast forward to the age of facebook and search engine optimization and i find myself driving from the austin airport to said college roommate of my brother’s house.wait, that just sounded like i was stalking. i did not stalk. honest. really. i can’t even remember how we got to “talking” – blogs, facebook, that chat room for word of life dorks? i’m guessing facebook, but it was a mix of all the above.

keep in mind, this has been 20 some years. and this has been a total lack of mutual interest in 20 some years. i mean we weren’t even blips on each other’s radars and then BLAM! attack.

but seriously, i think it’s hilarious how we have very serious, poignant conversations as well as completely ridiculous, poignless conversations and we both seem to manage just fine. and it’s a beautiful thing that i arrived as danny’s little sister and left as his best buddy ever. haha. ok not really. but darn close. it really is too bad that he refuses to give in to that one thing that will divide us forever and be his eternal damnation………   moving out of texas!!! BLAM!

haha! april fools! love you, G.

3. Write something:

So i started writing a script to be used for a christmas play. it’s something i’ve always meant to do but just haven’t. until now. last year, we did a little music and some stories in between songs for our christmas show, but this time, i was thinking something like an old time radio show, in the style of Prairie home companion or something like that.

this takes a lot of work. but it’s fun. and at least i’m not procrastinating… yet. i’m sure i will report on snippets in the future. don’t hold your breath though…


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