i dont care to care

Caring is exhausting. Giving a crap is emotionally draining. There’s no way to deny that. And it’s why people don’t. It’s why people sit back and do nothing. It’s five thousand times easier to not make the effort, to not throw a buck into the paper cup of a woman standing outside the mcdonalds, to not take a minute to sign a petition for clean fuel, to not stop to pick up the bag that someone failed to get into the trash can. I mean hey, i didnt put it there, i dont know anything about coal or gas emissions, i didnt become a crack whore and get knocked up. it is so not my problem.


Whenever I go to anything like a human rights rally or a discussion or film or what-have-you, i come home feeling completely useless and defeated. There is so much to be done and everything seems so insurmountable and far off. I give so much credit and mad props to the people who have made these issues their entire lives, whether it’s clean air or freeing slaves (and yes slavery is very real and happening right this second) or protecting girls from sex trafficking (yes this happens too) or protecting our very own american citizens from unjust imprisonment and torture methods (follow the case of for one in hundreds of cases going on right now).

No one is saying that these are not complex issues and that we just need to lock arms, sing Imagine and wave a magic wand. That would be kinda sweet really. But no one can do that and most people will say that awareness is their only real goal. In a way, it has to be. Just telling people about the injustices and cruelty and HORRORS that exist in the world today and getting someone who never thought about it before to think about it is really a lofty and excellent goal in and of itself.

But it cannot and will not stop there. Knowledge is power, sure, but action is required. Someone has to get off their butts and do something. Where to begin is the problem and sorting out the efforts requires that (1) you figure out what you can actually do, (2) you find something you are passionate about – because let’s face it you wont do anything or really do any good if you dont really care, and (3) you get involved with those who are doing something already. Or start your own. Imagine that.

I’m excited about the future. I’m excited about the things that I feel I can do to bring some kind of Light to my corner of the world, albeit small and seemingly insignificant. But I think we can do some good and I know that through the Grace of God we have a Hope and a Love far beyond the reaches of man and our inspeakable horrors. We are called to be Salt and Light. We are called to rise above the mess. We are His hands and feet (insert corny whiteheart song here). And stealing from the Salvation Army, we must “do the most good” that we can while we are here. Yes we can!  😉


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