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36 things: april

1 new place

There aren’t many new places to choose from in Williamsburg, so I guess I’ll have to really scrape as we go along. I’m counting Terra though because it is solidly a new place and I have to say I’m pretty excited about it. it’s a très chic little place with – get this – a self-dispensing WINE BAR!! you buy this card with a chip in it and you put it in the machine and press a button to select the wine you want and wala! out it pours into your mouth! hahaha no i’m kidding. you get a glass. but it is fun and ever so slightly enabling. oh but they also have good coffee and yummy food to nibble on. not a full dinner, but tapas and desserts. great place to take a date after dinner. you know, if dinner goes well, and if you know you are actually dating right now…


2 old friend

it’s funny how you forget things about people. i forget how we met. i know it was somewhere in cyberspace and probably somehow through myspace back when i used to keep a blog there. but somewhere along the line we migrated to facebook and for some reason have kept in touch.

well, i know the reason – rob is awesome. he is the kind of person that i think will always do what he can to make things better around him. when i first met him he was in LA. i have to say, now that i feel i can, he struck me as a little sad. maybe a fish out of water. it may have been LA because that city has a way of sucking the life out of you, especially if you’re an east coast kind of person. and i think rob is, in the best possible sense.

so we met up for the amnesty international fest in silver spring, md, and it was really a great event and hopefully one that will continue to be inspirational and well attended. it was great to get a chance to sit and catch up with him (and nick, who i am also glad to have around).

anyway, rob, i’m so glad we can keep in touch and be a lot closer than 3000 miles away now 🙂 i wish you the best in your studies in the fall and i look forward to hearing everything you are learning and doing to change your piece of the world. much love babe.

3 writing

so i’ve been writing a lot lately. you can tell by the blogs, but that’s only what i actually publish. there has been so much going on and the only way i really process is by writing. not by talking – though that helps – but by writing it out and stretching myself to put my thoughts into words, as incoherent and stream of consciousness they may be, i force myself to do it. partly because i get tired of hearing my own voice out loud and saying the same things over and over to people, to anyone who will be decent enough to listen to me. i have great great great friends and i am so very thankful for them. but at the end of the day, the last thing i want is to hear myself talk. i’d much rather veg out and watch reruns of voltron or something.

but i have been writing lyrics again, trying to get a few things down that i can actually use in public! gasp! the piano trio is temporarily on hold (bassist is off to traipse about the globe – have a great summer JM and Jenny!) but in the meantime, i’ll be working on some original stuff to maybe have ready when we get back together. or maybe we’ll have to cheat on JM for a little while… haha… we’ll see 😉


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