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i predict a trip to ikea…

I can never decide how to decorate a room. I usually end up with a fairly eclectic mess, because I can’t pin down my style. I don’t think I have a style. I used to feel good about that, but as I get older I feel it’s a reflection on how chaotic I am as a person. Like I don’t have a very set personality and kinda just go with the flow.

Or maybe I have too many and conflicting interests. Like i love asian flair for somewhat obvious reasons, but i also love french provincial for far less obvious ones. But I also like early american and some southwestern and so on and so on. but most likely i’ll settle with some IKEA stuff, because really you cant go wrong there.

And I’m thinking my music studio will be wallpapered with posters… something i never got into as a kid but as a full blown adult, well, can you say “regression?” me neither. i think this will look inspiring and epic!!!


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