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what we really believe

So I was looking at pictures of a wedding of a friend, a former fling as you may call it, and I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that I once was so jealous and crazy about the whole thing. I look back and think, wow, how lame can I be? And then I realize, yeah, I can be pretty lame.

But the beauty is that at the end of the day, I truly believe things work out for the best. After the dust of all the jealousy and bitterness and fear subsided, I saw very clearly how things needed to be and no matter what, when you really do care for someone, their happiness and well-being needs to be more important than your pride and need for control. Because there was a part of me that just wanted control over the situation even knowing all the while that I just needed to move on.

But that’s how life goes. We learn after the fact and kick ourselves around the block until we realize that, next time, we’ll know better. Hopefully.

What I also believe, truly, is time does heal. Sometimes it seems it’s taking forever, but I promise you there will be a day when you just wake up and it’s all over. It just is. No explaining it, definitely no rushing it, it just happens.

A pound of dark chocolate M&Ms may assist the process.

Related to this, I had to remove some other people from my life right now because the pain isn’t gone and no amount of M&Ms will cover the tracks. There are some who just can’t let “well enough” alone and insist on dragging you through the mud at every chance. These are people no one needs around, and while time heals, it cant work miracles if someone is standing there picking at your scabs all the time.  Gross.

Anyway, all that said, you know when you’ve grown up even a little bit when you can look back and smile and wish someone well without gritting your teeth. It’s a good feeling and I promise all of you who don’t believe me, your day will come too. Life is not always this hard. Sometimes it’s downright treacherous… but look for the sun. It will always come out again.


3 thoughts on “what we really believe

  1. thanks dennis. i will always be an optimist even tho i really try to be a pessimist. it just doesn’t take for some reason.

    and true that Harms! and for the record, i am not referring to michaela and her wedding. though we did have a fling… hahahaha

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