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the asians invade williamsburg

when i first moved to Williamsburg all i thought was that asians were not historically accurate to the colonial era and some dark and stormy night i would get a letter, from a horseback rider in breeches and tricorn hat, handwritten with blotchy ink saying something like the City of Williamsburg Tourist Industry welcomes your money, but as you are not historically accurate to the time period, you are relegated to the out buildings and evening activities, the latter of which you are welcome to view through the window.

obviously i’m kidding. though i did do the research and while trade from “the far east” was evident in pretty dishes (called “china”) for the most part slant eyes did not make an appearance until about july 2007. though some were mistaken for Powhatan.

I do appreciate the history though. i find it incredibly amusing that i actually live here pretty much every other day. but i am totally getting used to this and just recently realized that it didn’t even register, while chit chatting on a park bench with a friend, that he was wearing a cravat and stockings.


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