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I think part of what catches up non-Christians is this idea that Christians think everyone else is miserable without Jesus. I mean, listen, I had some really really fun times when I didnt give a crap about consequences or “the truth.” I’ll be the first in line to tell you that we need to stop portraying the Christian life like it’s some kind of Disney world existence (of course that’s a bad example because disney is actually evil… haha), cuz it just aint so.

But our deep and profound need for a Savior is not a need we recognize on our own. That’s what is so tricky about sharing Jesus with others – many many people are like – so what? I have a great life and I am a good person and I don’t really need God to be so. And who can really argue with that? I wont even try. I mean, they’re right. You can have a good life and enjoy all the beautiful things this world has to offer completely and utterly free of any kind of relationship with God or Jesus or religious institution.

I mean, let’s be honest, I have moments all too frequently where I think, i have no idea what I’m doing (or not doing, as the case may be) and why. I would rather be out drinking myself silly, having sex with a beautiful stranger, smoking dope, and creating havok. But there’s that part of me, growing ever clearer and louder, that knows this is not what I am made for. Not right now and not ever again. And while I strongly believe that Christians need to get rid of the notion that there are no earthly joys – because there are and we can embrace those things fully – we also have the ever present mindset of joy with no boundaries, clarity of thought and purpose that drives us to take all our pleasure in ways we never knew before.

Ever have one of those situations where you test yourself to see if you’ve gotten any better than you think you have and come to see that you’ve learned from the past and make better choices now?

Me neither. I’ve read about that happening to people…

But seriously, I suppose that somewhere along the way I’ve changed some aspects of my life. But i still feel it’s all superficial and that the real “heart changes” have not quite completed their sequencing, if you know what I mean. (i dont even know what that means) But the truth about Christianity is not in the checklist of the things you do or don’t do – that’s called legalism – and it’s not about super spiritualizing every little thing – that’s called being a hippie – it’s about knowing what you are made for and finding your purpose in it.

I have a card I bought, not so much to actually send to anyone, but for myself. It has a picture of a little baby resting her head on a stair and it says “Any idiot can face a crisis; it’s day to day living that wears us out.” It’s a really great card and reminds me that life is more about the daily motivation to keep ourselves going, to look forward with hope and purpose, and to make all the little choices that get us in the right direction, without the detours and distractions along the way.

I am mostly reminding myself of this today, as I start to slide down a bit. I know I am growing stronger – there was a day when i wouldnt even think twice about any of this at all and I’d make as many Jesus jokes as the next guy in the bar doing shots with me. I was there not so long ago, and there is not a person on earth who could have changed that, and plenty did try.

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