dating and singlehood

never make it

My aunt and uncle told us the timeline of how they met and fell in love. It took roughly 30 days. My aunt was a widow, having had a husband in the Air Force who was killed in the line of duty. Then she met my uncle whose father told him not to bother with a widow and actually stood her up on a date!! But guess what – she broke all “the Rules” and the “He’s not that into you” mantra and called him to find out what was what and turned out, he liked her plenty but might have given into the societal mores of the time. And look at this, 55 years later and they are still two crazy kids in love with 3 great sons – and by great, I mostly mean very tall…

haha. just kidding!!!!!!

but i do love to hear stories like this. they met in April, engaged in May and married by June. I always wanted to get married in December… so meeting someone any time in October will work for me…


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