random robin

random july 2010 thoughts

I woke up thinking it was Friday and then sad that it wasn’t. And then happy that it wasn’t because I have a lot of work to do.

I also woke up sad that I wasn’t a boy and couldn’t join the Fife and Drum Corps. And then remembered that girls can join now but I’m a little past the age cutoff, methinks.

I guess I played that Drum Corps Tryout game a few times too many.

Mostly my dream last night was about playing drums and forgetting how the song went and getting yelled at by a friend of mine who was playing a lot worse than me.  But when I tried to yell back, it was all muffled. I’ll bet I was yelling into my pillow. I’ve been known to mumble in my sleep when I’m stressed. This weekend comes at a good time. I love watching stuff blow up and look pretty while doing it. there’s something very poetic about that.



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