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25 random things about me… again

25. i’m procrastinating. per usual.

24. i love that tim dekay is on a steady show (white collar) but i am not loving that it’s one of these criminal investigation shows. at least it seems like it has a different angle from others. maybe. i dont know. i havent watched it. but i do love “Jonesy” (carnivale. i will be forever bummed that they wont finish the story… oh wait that’s the next one…)

23. i will be forever bummed that they will never finish Carnivale. it was a show on HBO for those who dont know. it was awesome and took forever to develop and then they canned it just when it got really interesting. rumors of a movie came and went. sad.

22. i watched graham norton and joana lumley of absolutely fabulous the other night, and they talked about this mat thingy. it’s crazy but if it works that is awesome.


21. i almost plotted to overthrow the queen today.

20. i realize she has no real power, but i do love her ball gowns.

19. association football players do tend to be some of the cuter athletes, not to mention having the best legs.

18. i REALLY dont like games on facebook. i think they should can all the games and focus on getting us our notifications in a timely and accurate manner. every day i get at least a handful that are from another day. it’s gets me all excited and then, blam! let down! sad.

17. i still havent seen the A-team movie, but i decided to wait til its on netflix. i cant stand to be disappointed right now.

16. ditto for shrek and toy story 3.

15. no ditto for twilight emolipse. i’m sorry i don’t get it. the guy is painful to look at. i want to spray paint a tan on his face and gouge his eyeballs out. it’s not cool.

14. i dont really want to gouge anything from anyone.

13. i really really really hate filling out forms for anything including but not limited to free stuff.

12. frozen kahlua in an ice tray.

11. one time i fell asleep.

10. i’m more afraid of being with the wrong person for the rest of my life than alone. and only slightly more afraid of getting caught killing him slowly with ground up glass bits in his food. some people are just not built for prison.

9. some of my favoritest things in the whole world are pillows. i feel like i can never really have enough pillows around.

8. i realize #10 and #9 seems incongruous. that’s the mark of a serial killer.

7. or someone who has spent way too much time watching crime shows and reading books about crime and criminals.

6. i want to get married in rome with just me, him, and God. have to have a minister i guess. this is not a hint for anyone in particular. just seems like a great idea. i mean rome looks so um, romantic.

5. whenever i go hiking in the mountains, i break out into “the hills are alive” and then smack myself in the head.

4. this year has been insane and it’s halfway over and i’m turning 37 and i will start telling people i’m 27 and i really dont think it will make anyone blink. except my parents.

3. i dont really really believe in astrology but i dont really really believe in shoes but i wear them when i have to appear socially acceptable and when i dont want to cut up my feet.

2. i like turtles.

1. i’m still procrastinating.


2 thoughts on “25 random things about me… again

  1. If you ever go into the mountains with me and start singing “The Hills Are Alive” I’LL effen smack you in the back of the head :-p

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