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Trip reflections

Now that I’ve been home a couple days, I feel like I can really think back on all the awesome things we did on our trip.


* hearing a woman complain about the churches in the area. One was judgmental toward her because she is divorced (a southern baptist church – surprise surprise) and another pastor just talked about his problems all the time during his sermons (a nondenominational church, not that it matters). It is so frustrating to hear when someone is actively trying to find a place to attend and can’t find a good church home. And she didn’t seem the type to just find fault with every little thing, in fact she drove 45 mins out of her way to attend one of them.

* the realization that many of these kids barely ever see their parents. Many of them work two and three jobs at all hours and only come home to sleep.

* disharmony among our team with so many opinionated and strong-willed people. And no, I don’t think I was one of them, though at times I might have been. Most of the time I just stayed in the back, kept my mouth shut, and thought about how grass grows.


* a little girl hugging me for no apparent reason. remember the last time you just hugged someone out of the blue? no? well, it’s high time you do.

* a father saying thank you for playing with his kids all week and giving me a teary eyed hug goodbye.

* rafting down the Nantahala River. beautiful country! can’t wait to go back soon.

* a 20 yr old asking me for my number – too bad because he was my type (aka in a band).

* a 10 yr old giving me a silly band (a rubber bracelet for those not hip to them yet) shaped in a heart and saying “I’m giving you my heart.” I wasnt sure if i should take it in fear that it was some ancient Cherokee ritual and i just pledged myself to a little kid.


3 thoughts on “Trip reflections

  1. Random hugs are cool, especially from kids you don’t expect it from and afterward you have that moment of, “wait, did x just hug me?” And you should know that I rafted the Nantahala as a young pup.

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