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that’s right, i can now say “recording artist”

hahaha. but seriously, I am ever so humbled and honored to have recorded for Timothy Seaman. Tim is one of the most gifted and yet humble musicians I have ever met. Everything he does musically is beautiful and lyrical and amazing. So when he asked me to play something for his newest album, I was floored. and REALLY REALLY nervous!!!

He told me that he was going for the theme of “Celtic Aires” and I had already thought up an arrangement of a song he had wanted to record, with the Celtic influence I am so fond of, called “Cwm Rhon­dda,” actually a Welsh tune commonly known as “Guide me oh Thou Great Jehovah.” I love changing rhythms on songs and trying different things, and this one had 3/4 written all over it.  (For those musically inclined, it was written in 4/4.)

So, he liked what I did, I guess, because he recorded it and put it on the forthcoming album. It’s such a fun lively tune in 3/4 and I really want to play it live now. Maybe we’ll get around to that some time soon. I guess all that running around with that “unnamed” Irish folk/punk band in Denver had more influence on me than I knew 😉

Anyway, stay tuned for when the CD is released and if you want one, lemme know and I’ll get it to you. I’ll even ask him to autograph it for you, you know, on top of my autograph 😉  Slainte!

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